Healthy People

Do Healthy Things

Here are 12 critical “lifestyle” recommendations for anyone serious about their health. If you make these changes in your everyday activity, you will see and feel dramatic positive changes in your health.



  1. Don’t drink soda (regular/diet). Ever. Soda is a modern day scourge.

  2. Limit refined sugar intake. We all know what these are: cookies, cake, candy, ice cream, etc. There is no place in a healthy person’s life for these health-destroyers..

  3. Don’t eat fried or deep-fried foods. Ever. These “foods” are perhaps the most damaging of any in the long-term.

  4. Don’t drink milk and limit fruit juice. Commercial milk is an abomination. Don’t drink it. Ever. Fruit juice needs to be limited.

  5. Limit consumption of grain-based foods (bread, cereal, pasta). Grains are 
    concentrated carbohydrates (corn is 82% 
    carbohydrate). Never eat anything made of white flour. Eat only whole grain, and then in limited quantities.

  6. Eat limited amounts of whole fruit (no more than three small servings/day). Any phytonutrients found in whole fruit can be found in vegetables without excess


  1. Eat vegetables with every meal. Eat raw as much as you can. Concentrate on the dark, leafy greens and other colorful 

  2. Eat healthy fats every day. These are: flax meal/oil, borage oil, fish oils, extra virgin olive oil. Eat these raw, not cooked.

  3. Eat some protein with every meal. Breakfast should be predominately protein and healthy fats. Primary protein sources are: meats, beans, nuts, cheeses, and eggs.

  4. Eat 3 meals/day with no snacks 
    between. Eat your last meal of the day at least four hours before bedtime.

  5. Get fit. Our bodies are designed to work and sweat. There is simply no substitute for exercise. Get as close to your ideal weight/height ratio as possible.

  6. Take Syntra5 and a good multiple vitamin/mineral supplement. Other good choices would be plant-based digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Making these changes in your life will bring rewards that you can now only imagine. This is the only life we have, so treat it like it’s the most valuable thing in the world. It is. Remember, healthy people do healthy things.


Ken Hampshire
Syntratech Corp., Formulator

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