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C.C. – Dallas, TX. 

I started taking Syntra-5 when I found out that my blood sugar was a 580 and it scared me. I was put on lots of different types of blood sugar medicines and had almost no improvement so I got the Syntra-5 and it went down drastically to just under 200 in a week. Then I was off the blood sugar meds in 6 months and stayed off . What a gift from above to be getting healthy.


G.D. – Erial NJ 

I went for a routine checkup and had blood testing done. My doctor called me and said my sugar was 390 and he was certain that I am diabetic. I immediately changed my diet and started exercising. I got your email and decided to try Syntra-5. I was testing myself and my readings varied from 168 to 208. 


After taking Syntra-5 for 3 days, my readings have been 96,96,98,100 and 113! I’m absolutely convinced that Syntra-5 has helped tremendously. No doubt in my mind. I told my doctor that I refuse to take insulin and I will lower it through diet, exercise and natural supplements. He then called me and said that my good cholesterol was only 32 and had to be at least 40, my triglycerides were 2200 and should be about 200 and my bad cholesterol was extremely high and he immediately prescribed Crestor. I do not want to take the drugs so I made up my mind that I would beat this on my terms!


I will be calling to be put on the automatic shipping schedule. I am excited to have such dramatic results in just 3 weeks but the really amazing results have been over the week I have been taking Syntra-5. I was steadily decreasing but only slightly, so the decrease form 168 to 96 in 3 days is absolute proof that your product is a must for anyone fighting dreaded diabetes. Obviously diet, exercise and weight loss are the keys but coupled with Syntra-5, this disease can be beaten naturally! 


Thank you so much!


Resent update from G.D.

I have now lost 54 lbs, reduced my cholesterol from 525 to 127. My triglycerides have gone from 2200 to 120, my good cholesterol from a low of 32 to 45 and my sugars has been 83 to about 131. My doctor calls me the miracle man and I did it all in 93 days. I took your advise as well as several other people and pretty much realized that losing the weight was the most important thing. I am completely convinced that your product has significantly helped in reducing my sugar levels and helped me drop the pounds.


Alan – Stockholm, WI 

I’m about 3 months into trying Syntra-5. My fasting blood sugars were in the 170 range. With diet changes for the first two months I saw my after meal reading drop, but no change in fasting. After 3 months I now see consistent fasting levels in the low 120’s and after meal readings between 90 and 120. The doctor was very impressed. It does seem to be having a very positive effect.


Linda – Jackson, GA 

After reading The Diabetes Cure and seeing what supplements could do everything changed. I researched and found Syntra-5 as a result. Two years ago my a1c was 7.7 and today is is 6.2, I have lost 45 lbs and began to exercise every day at least 30 minutes.


L.B. - Corrales, NM 

After several weeks of feeling unusually tired and sleepy, being constantly thirsty, and going to the bathroom every thirty minutes, I went to see my doctor. After getting the results of the blood profile, he painted a fairly gloomy picture of my future, gave me a month's supply of Avandia, told me to meet with a nutritionist, and check back with him in three months. 


I am pleased to report that I never broke the seal on the Avandia, but went to Google and searched for alternatives. Very quickly I found your website, and ordered a month's supply. 


My testing equipment and my Syntra-5 arrived about the same time. I also made major changes in my diet - eliminating sweets and essentially eliminating potatoes, rice, and pasta. I started taking daily walks. Within a few days, my symptoms subsided and I started feeling better and better. Today, just over three months later, I can honestly say I feel better in every respect than I have in at least ten years, have lost twenty pounds and four inches in my waist, and feel confident that the next ninety days will continue to show progress in this area as well. 


Also, my blood pressure at my last exam was spot on 110/80! I must say, when my doctor looked at my blood test, my weight, and my blood pressure... he could NOT suppress his astonishment, although he was REALLY trying! He simply said, "Just keep on doing what you have been doing!" 


Words can't express how pleased I am with Syntra-5, but with numbers like these... they don't have to! 


R.A. - Wooster, OH 

When I discovered that my blood sugar was out of wack. I changed my diet drastically. I eat only low carbs and high protein foods. I also read many books on the subject of alternative treatments for diabetes. My weight immediately started to drop from 270 to185 in about 15 months. I took herbal supplements that helped lower my blood sugar from 200 to the 130-140 range. 


I saw an ad for Syntra-5 in a health newsletter. As soon as I started taking the product my blood sugar dropped to 88 to 110 prior to eating and 94 to 120 two hours after eating. 


I also exercise by walking 30 to 40 minutes at least once a day, usually twice. I am glad that with Syntra-5 I am on the path to maintaining healthy blood sugar.


M.H. - Eagan, MN 

I've had alot of success with Syntra-5. My blood sugar has gone from 180 to under 120 and I have alot more energy now...not so sluggish as before. I've also had the unexpected result of losing an extra 10 lbs. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The extra H.C.A. in the new formulation is also an extra help. 


M.S. - Sutherlin, OR

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Of course, I did everything the doctors told me to do (loose weight and exercise and eat better). It did help, but I was not making the progress I wanted until I started taking Syntra-5. That is when I lost even more weight, my total cholesterol went from 236 to 183 and I am no longer diabetic. That was two years ago. Syntra-5 is and will always be a part of my health regime. 


S.P. – Grand Prairie, TX 

I started to use Syntra-5 when my blood sugar(fasting) was 181 and my A1C was 8.9. After three weeks my sugar is down to 116 (fasting) I have more energy, I feel better without the withdrawals I usually have when my sugar starts to drop. I would highly recommend this product if you are interested in lowering your blood sugar.


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